Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OFWGKTA and Pharrell at Coachella

Coachella is a carnival of madness. There was fun and chaos around every corner, and yet it all went off without a hitch, and even better than expected. I spent an hour of the first day, at the front of the Sahara Tent stage for the Odd Furture show.

"I’m a fucking walking paradox

No I’m not threesomes with a fucking triceratops

Reptar rapping as I’m mocking deaf rock stars" - OFWGKTA

For Odd Future fans this was the groups biggest performance. It was because of Coachella that they became so popular in the beginning of 2011. Odd Future leader Tyler the Creator is a wild hurricane of dark fantasy. The group's raps are like chants out Satan's son's angsty high school journal. It's rancid, but "real".

"Jesus called he said sick of the disses

I told him to quit bitching this isn’t a fucking hotline

For a fucking shrink sheesh I already got mine"

The performance was pretty awesome. OFWGKTA brings only the basics. And that gave their show that "real" feeling I was talking about. Before the final song Tyler surprised the audience by bringing out Pharrell. The photo you see here is one that I took with the Sony bloggies they were checking out to Coachella guests.

Anyway, Coachella was tight and I was smoking bowls nonstop. If you guys wanna chat more with me, or find out how to see more pics from the show or anything else email, comment, tweet, whatever.


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