Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baked Life is Going to Coachella... That Means I AM!!

This year I'll be front and center at some of the best musical acts of the year. Part of the ourney I'll be capturing some of the Coachella related material you'll be seeing on BakedLife.com. The headliners range from Kanye West, all the way around to Arcade Fire. It's going to be fun as hell.

Coachella is like an outdoor rave when it comes to drug use. I'm not saying that advocate wild drug use. But it's going to hapen this year. Just like it has every year. That said, It's going to be fun as hell.

Look over the Line up. It's a wide variety of music. Keep up with us, and if you want to share anything remember the email is BakedLife@gmail.com, and we're on twitter, and facebook! I'm going to be logged in for much of the festival. It's going to be fun as hell

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