Saturday, April 23, 2011

10 Dank 4/20 Pickup Lines

This is a pretty funny list Scott Alden wrote for It's a list of pick up lines to use on girls. Pick up lines that you would use if you were both really stoned.

I love stoner girls. Every time I find out a girl I'm interested in smokes weed, I immediately start imagining our children's names. BECAUSE I WANT TO MARRY HER. I would pick the girl next door over Sofia Vergara any day if she came over with a bong. Then again if Sofia Vergara came over with a bong I'd literally burst into a thousand weed crystals.

I didn't realize how valuable such a list would be. Then last night happened. I got super stoned with a group of friends. I wish I had remembered some of these to try out on some of the ladies. Of course if I just stopped calling girls ladies that might help too...

Girls if you want pick up lines to use on guys, you are already failing. Guys don't need pick up lines, just invite us to smoke a bowl, and then just start getting naked...

1. "Isn't it crazy how everything is happening all the time RIGHT NOW? Wait... Hey, I'm Scott."

2. "(Just stare for 20 seconds) Wait, what's your name again?"

3. "(Wait until it's totally silent) Man, this song just makes me want to move."

5. "I look at you and it's like 'I've never quite heard it put that way before.' But, like, justlooking at you. You know?!"

5. "I just saw you from across the room and thought 'I bet she needs a taco right now, too.'"

6. "It's literally like there's no one else in the room but you right now. Literally. Wait, isthere anyone else in the room?"

To read the rest of these go check out the article here:

Have a good one, peace...

I'll just leave this Sofia Vergara picture here...

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